A high school Student who gets a helping hand bringing her back into a healthy, upright position

Here you see how a highschool student gets help with her aching back:

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Groups and lessons for your office team or choir group etc.

I regularly give workshops or group sessions in the Alexander Technique and RCT, and am also available to come and work with your office group, your choir group, your mediation group or any other group.  
One afternoon at your office, where you and your coworkers receive treatments, once a month or every other week, can make a huge difference in the sense of community and teamwork, which developed through that.We can also custom design a workshop for you, and have it be informative, entertaining, and team building. Please inquire about fees and duration etc.

I have worked with horse back riders, who wanted to deepen their riding skills. Since the spine plays such an essential role in the Alexander Technique as well as in riding, it compliments each other beautifully.

For a brief "tune up" and  long distance healing sessions without phone call, $35.


The fee for 
45 min. session is $80,
30 min. Session is $65, 
both in the office, or on the phone.

RCT session as a gift to others

If you like for me to treat others, you care about, I can do so, with the permission of that person. I have helped the families of fellow parents, who's kids are living in other places and who they wanted to gift with extra support. Contact me if you have any questions about that or simply want more information.

ReConnective Therapy sessions - in person or long distance with or without phone call 

RCT happens on the table and includes alignment and relaxation as part of the treatment, which is 30 minutes long. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

In a RCT session you will reestablish the connection with your energy body, through the help of the practitioner. That happens through resonance: as I connect with my energy body, and it radiates clearly, your body picks up on it and begins to radiate as well, thereby establishing the connection, we desire. Your body then takes the information, it needs for optimum health in that moment, and brings it back into its field. 
Most people I have worked with, have an immediate sense of greater wellbeing. But the complete integration time of a session like that can take anywhere between minutes to days and weeks, depending on the circumstances. That is why I will suggest the next treatment day, as I can see it from your body right then, which often happens to be a week or 2 later.

Long distance healing sessions, over the phone or even without a phone call, work in the same fashion: I like to use the example of the i-cloud, we are all familiar with, even if we don't understand the technicality precisely. The i-cloud stores information, which is available to us, from anywhere in the world. Same with the body: the resonance allows for the information to become available to your body through your own energy body. 
That means we do not have to be in the same place at that time, and you do not even have to tune in at that moment, just like your body functions wether you tune in or not!

I have found it very satisfying to be able to help people in this way, wherever they are and whenever they need it.
Family members and friends have had accidents or operations, and I could provide support in the healing process, which have affected them physically as well as emotionally. I am so grateful for that!

An Alexander lesson includes movement work as well as time on the massage table. Since there is something, you most likely want to change, we will look at your balance and alignment in those situations, that you want some insight about: lets say you experience recurring back issues. You would like to find out what it is, you are doing in your daily life, that can contribute or even cause the backpain, you experience. I will analyze the movement and help with gentle hands-on guidance bring you to a better alignment. People who have gone through surgery will want to learn how to move so that they don't re-injure themselves. 
The beauty of Alexander lessons is that you not only feel better right away, but you also learn how to take care of your alignment yourself. It is a bit like learning how to play an instrument: the awareness, you develop, and the tools to change patterns of movement and of thinking are what you walk away with. These skills, when you apply them regularly, become part of your life skills, your inner tool kit.

I recommend taking a series of Alexander lessons, to really learn the skill and not just feel better for a short time. Some people prefer to come every week to continue the process of inner growth, which happens, and to deepen their skills, especially when they suffer from a physical condition which needs to be attended to on a regular basis.

Long distance work via Skype is available.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique

- Thich Nhat Hanh, “Walk Like A Buddha”

I have produced several CD's with music for relaxation and yoga. Please check www.annettesings.com 

Sessions are available in person in the office, long distance on the phone or long distance without a phone session.

Either way you will receive deep rejuvenation in body and mind.

I invite you to contact me to schedule a free 20 min. phone consultation to discuss how this work can serve your particular situation.

I invite you to contact me if you have questions, and schedule a free 20 min. phone consultation!

Sessions and Fees

Healing Through Alignment

Alexander Technique and ReConnective Therapy with Annette Cantor Groenfeldt

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