Healing Through Alignment
Alexander Technique and ReConnective Therapy with Annette Cantor Groenfeldt
Santa Fe, New Mexico
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I welcome you to this website with the deep gratitude,
which I have for the gift of healing,
that we all carry within us and can share abundantly with each other.

I use ReConnective Therapy - RCT -and Alexander Technique
to facilitate the a
ctivating of your inherent healing forces for
maintaining your wellbeing,  preventing illness
or achieving better results in an already established healing process.

I can offer you the support you are looking for,  so you can create the changes, you are desiring.

Sessions are designed for your specific situation, 
A -in person in my office,
B- on the phone,
C -long distance without a phone call.

I use both healing modalities in my sessions, and what inspires me about this work is that it helps people to experience immediate relief from pain and discomfort, while learning to improve over time on their own. Students of the AT find alignment in their body, mind and spirit, developing  awareness of the way they make choices in their posture and in their response to live situationsReConnective Therapy makes many of the benefits available through energy healing, so that you can receive sessions with me in person as well as long distance. "Feeling better" is usually the immediate response.

Many people spent hours daily hunched over computers, desktops and smart devices. Sitting for almost half of the day, it takes it's toll on the body. The Alexander Technique comes in here as a saving grace: In just a few sessions, people learn to move with greater awareness and exchange tension and fatigue for energy and equanimity. 

Making the connection between the mind and the body, they expand their awareness of habitual patterns, which limit the experience of joy and fulfillment in their lives. Just like they change their movement habits and thereby heal their back pain, they apply the principles to other areas of their lives, healing emotional suffering and greatly enhancing their life experience.

The Alexander Technique  gently re-aligns the body using hands-on guidance to correct habitual tension patterns, and teaches you to use your mind to maintain the alignment. Aldous Huxley, Sting and Paul Newman are just a few famous students of the Technique, but it is used by people of all walks to overcome pain and discomfort, or to handle challenging physical or emotional conditions. You learn to connect with your body, release habitual holding patterns which may cause that pain and discomfort, and create alignment
It is highly effective for anyone who wants to develop greater awareness of the way they use their body, when  encountering back problems or suffering from conditions like shoulder pains or scoliosis. It greatly enhances athletic activity, your yoga or musical practice. The sessions address the mind/body connection in a practical manner.

ReConnective Therapy
RCT  facilitates stress release, pain management and transformational energy healing of emotional and physical habit patterns. 
It facilitates the immediate re-connection with the energy body, which contains the template of perfect health for mind, body, and emotions. Connecting our physical body with our energy body and produces wellbeing and results in lasting changes.
Dis - ease occurs when connections are missing. The RCT practitioner facilitates that connection for the client through resonance, much like instuments begin sounding with each other, when one instrument is being played. Inspired by this activation, the clients body then chooses the information it needs in that moment, so that the transformation, which takes place, is in harmony with their whole being. 
I experience RCT as a continuation of the alignment work, which I know through the Alexander Technique, into the larger context of our spirit and soul.

Some examples of working with RCT are: a woman who"s "back went out", over the phone, to feel fine 2 days later. A woman suffering from exam stress feeling ready to face the situation. A man with a hurting shoulder coming back the next week, feeling no more pain. A child who did not sleep through the night, sleeping after a long distance session. A woman with headaches feeling pain free after the session. 

I believe that healing arrises from the depth of profound relaxation, a result of every session.
A form of "becoming more of who we are", it allows us to sink through all the outer excitement of daily life, through physical tensions and emotional blocks, through beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world, to a place within, where we reconnect with the center of our being.
Thus it facilitates the release of holding patterns and stress responses in the whole person,
and leads to alignment on many levels of ourselves.

Relieve and prevent pain
"Two of the principle benefits to people who study the Alexander Technique are pain relief and prevention. A leading contributing factor of musculosceletal pain (and often its underlying cause) is unrecognized patterns of excess tension. People tend to respond to pain by tensing further which usually exacerbates the discomfort. Because it teaches how to recognize and unlearn these habitual patterns, the Alexander Technique is known for its effectiveness in relieving neck, back, and joint pain for the long-term.
A major clinical trial published by the British Medical Journal in 2008 determined that back pain can be reduced by 85% through the study of the AT." AmSAT

"I've been taking Alexander lessons for many years, from some  excellent teachers. But I had never found a teacher whose depth of knowledge, sensitivity to body and soul, yet practical application of the Alexander Technique has so greatly transformed the beneficial workings of my body as Annette Cantor Groenfeldt. More concretely, I sought help from Annette following major neurosurgery on my cervical spine. I had lost most of the nerve functions and strength in my right arm. Since studying Alexander with Annette, I am well on my way to fuIl recovery of that strength, and I know that our work together  has been a major factor in this recovery. It has also been a joy to work with her!" Mike Pertschuck, writer

Conditions I have treated include:
• Back and neck issues
• Rehabilitation after injury
• Stress relief
• Chronic fatigue
• Scoliosis
• Emotional Suffering
• Weight loss
• Voice problems

"In just a few sessions with Annette, I understood the ‘artistic breath’ and how to use it in a presentation. Whether it be a book reading, singing, acting, athletics ... any creative, physical expression can be enhanced by an understandingofthebreath. Annette showed me how to focus on the sounds, not the words—a new and very effective way to connect with listeners at readings, talks and in classroom workshops.

Backache and stiff neck from sitting too long at my computer was relieved by Annette’s deft use of the Alexander Technique. With a few slight movements she showed me how achieve erect posture, yet still feel completely at ease. This continues to help me, whether I am standing in front of a classroom or sitting at my computer, doing a reading or a book signing.

I highly recommend working with Annette Cantor. No matter the area of physical expression you seek, Annette can help you to reach your full potential!"

Kate, writer

Annette Cantor Groenfeldt has taught individuals and workshops since 1987. Besides being an Alexander teacher and RCT practitioner, she is a singer and a certified yoga teacher. In her sessions she combines her intimate knowledge of the breath and her experience of her own healing to offer profound guidance and healing. Annette has an exquisite voice and produced several CD's with healing music. Visit www.annettesings.com 

For more information about The Alexander Technique visit: www.AmSATonline.org   www.alexandertechnique.com
For more detailed information about RCT visit: http://www.clearwaterrct.blogspot.com/ , for a wealth of information and answers to many questions, you might have.

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